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DV configuration camera crane

Brand : IDEAL

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 7 days

Supply capacity : 40 set/day

Made of aluminum alloy material, the camera crane is light while firm. Coated in anti-rust paint, you are free of worries to shoot in the bad weather.? Triangle arm tube with side length 150mm Equipped with 2 axis dutch head and 7 inches monitor, the camera jib crane has the full package .

8 Meters Professional Camera Crane

This camera crane can be split into 4.8 meters and 7.2 meters

1.The arm body:Crane Segments 120cm long per section 

  3mm thick triangle tube 

  150mm*150mm*150mm size

  A total of 6 sections

Detail pictures:

8m Heavy Camera Jib CraneCamera Crane Wholesale Quote

High Video Jib Crane Quote8m Heavy Camera Jib Crane

3. Dutch head: 2 axis with max loading: 20kg

4.Dutch head controller:start ramp、tilt center、stop ramp、tilt torque、pan center、pan torque、tilt speed、pan speed

5. Can use LACN cameras,SLR,Professional cameras, TV cameras and so on.

6.7 inch monitor and rechargeable battery:The monitor supports the AV signal,HDMI signal. If the battery is full, it can be used for 4-5 hours

Camera Crane Wholesale QuoteHigh Video Jib Crane Quote

1)The power switch(2)220V( Contact us:Voltage can be replaced according to different countries)(3)DC12V(4)Video channel

7.Wire rope pull:

  • Level of steel wire rope pull 2 sets

  • 1 set of vertical wire rope

  • Head 1 set of wire rope

8.The packing box

8m Heavy Camera Jib Crane

Big box:1.32m*0.58m*0.4m

Medium box:1.2m*0.51m*0.4m

Small box:0.92m*0.68m*0.20m

Jib crane for video camera



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