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Electric Moving Dolly with Motorized motor

Brand : IDEAL

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 3 days

Supply capacity : 40 set/day

Electric Moving Dolly Car with Motorized Motor




Dolly track

Stainless steel track



Straight track:4

Curved orbit:4

Each section length:1.5m

Total length of about 12m

Orbital distance:640mm

Orbital diameter:38mm

Aluminium dolly car


aluminum car 16 wheels

Size of the flat car:110cm*70cm

Electric track dolly High Track Dolly Wholesale

16 wheels: four sets of 4 wheels =16 wheels      Dolly wheels applicable for all types of dolly rails 

Plus one motorized wheel

you can also order more wheels and make the dolly

car 32/48 wheels as you wish 

High Track Dolly Wholesaler Electric track dolly

Seat and camera bowl.                                   Equipped with puller and handle 

Bowl diameter: 75mm/100mm/150mm              foot brake: control start and stop and speed

Payload: 200kgs                                            speed: 0.5-2m/s

High Track Dolly Wholesale High Track Dolly Wholesaler

we also have dolly rails 

Electric track dolly High Track Dolly Wholesale

Heavy duty straight rail   

Heavy duty curved rail

Material: high strength white steelMaterial: high strength white steel
Length: 2 meters/pcLength: 2.3 meters/pc
Payload: 600kgs Payload: 600kgs
Tube diameter: 32mmTube diameter: 32mm
Foldable: YesFoldable: No

curved rail angle: 45 degree per piece 8 pieces=a circle diameter 6 meters         

High Track Dolly Wholesaler


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