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The structure and function of the rocker arm and its basic operation

Camera crane is a large equipment used in large-scale works such as teleplays, movies and advertisements. When shooting, it can shoot scenes in all directions, without missing any corner.

Scope of use

Our usual camera and photography auxiliary equipment is a tripod. Its function is fixed position, adjustment level and convenient photographer to push and pull and shake. The rocker arm increases the lifting function in this function. And the lens is more "exaggerated" when it is rocking, so it can take a magnificent and atmospheric scene.

Rocker arm definition: camera carrier

2 structure function

Structure composition

The arm arm of the rocker arm, the electronic control cloud platform, the servo system, the middle control box and the liquid crystal monitor;

Structural function

The arm of the rocker arm - control the motion of the camera as a whole;

Electronically controlled cloud platform - controlling the horizontal rotation and vertical pitching of the camera; (imitating the human shoulder)

Servo system - control camera lens zoom (push and pull), focus, aperture, camera recording control. (imitating the fingers of a person);

Middle control box - all control signals, video signals, and electrical signals are centralized filtering, amplifying and processing input and output.

3 basic operation

The movement of the arm, the control of the camera lens, the control of the zoom, the adjustment of the focal length, and so on (if the Z shaft is installed, there is also the control of the Z axis). The coordination between arm motion and camera lens pointing is the premise of using rocker arm well, especially when moving around the target body. Moreover, as the camera zoom lens is gradually pushed closer to the main body, the difficulty of operation will be increased. Master the basic skills to rely on the usual practice, in a day. A beginner must have at least a few hours of basic training to master it. Each rocker user must practice solid basic skills, to ease up control

4 location

The advantage of the large rocker arm (over 7m) is in the mobile shooting, which is not achieved by the general machine. The effect of moving shooting is very related to the pre design of the motion trajectory. The range of the motion of the rocker arm is a circle on the horizontal plane. Generally, we only use a section of the circular arc MN. On the vertical plane, it is a fan type and usually uses a section of the arc. The motion of the camera is the synthesis of the arc motion on the horizontal and vertical surfaces. In general, the rocker arm shift is not very convenient, the scene in the program is basically fixed, especially in one broadcast occasion. So, before rehearsing, we should study the program seriously, such as how people appear, stand, position on the stage, and the number of dances. Based on "understanding" program, design camera motion, the maximum to meet the needs of the program, give full play to the advantages of the program produce rocker, the biggest artistic appeal. Once the track is determined, the position of the rocker arm is determined. If it's a segmented recording program, it is necessary to move the rocker arm position to adapt to different trajectories according to the need, so there are more than one location. It is necessary to mark the ground in advance, and it is best to hang an object under the O point of the tripod to locate it accurately.

Mobile shooting

The key to "mobile shooting" is to move, that is, the displacement of the camera relative to the object. In the course of shooting to show good exercise, you must also choose a reference, without reference, you can not show motion. First of all, the closer the reference object is the better the camera, the closer the reference, the stronger the motion; secondly, the reference can also be used as the foreground of the picture. For example: the camera lens arm above the audience square across large activities, the reference is the audience, the higher the flight dynamic more weak, only in the audience overhead can produce a strong and dynamic; in addition, the scene in front of the green bonsai, hanging over the stage props, such as umbrella, balloon like, can also be as a reference, but also can be used as the foreground. Only by selecting the reference material can we get twice the result with half the effort. Although the velocity of boom is not very fast, the impact force of the lens is very strong, and the effect is very obvious.

6 control

The rocker arm can be manipulated by one person, and it can also be operated by two people. A lot of camera personnel are used to single - shot, but whether it is a person to control, or two people to cooperate with the control, it depends on the specific situation. A manipulation, he should not only control the rocker arm movement, but also to control the camera lens, if filming scenes with, wide-angle lens, movement speed slow, the control of one person also can still. However, if the movement further requirements, such as: the arm movement speed, amplitude and amplitude fall acceleration increase, images require precise positioning, use of the zoom lens is pushed upwards, a person would be powerless, then two people required to be completed with the shot. But the two people have a coordinated problem. Therefore, before the rehearsal of the program, two people need to work together with the director to plan the movement of the rocker arm to achieve a good number of minds. After a period of joint rehearsal, we can achieve a tacit agreement between the two sides.

7 specifications

The general rocker arm has a six meter rocker arm, a ten meter rocker arm and the longest rocker arm of fifteen meters.

CREE Beijing Guang Shi company should provide technical support and design plan for direct manufacturers, and launch a series of mirage series rocker products to provide users with high-altitude multi position mobile phones.

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