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Shooting skill of vehicle camera crane

For vehicle camera crane many people are shooting in many foreign movies behind the trailers to see, this car rocker is a high-end car chase drama shooting equipment indispensable and car advertising. In foreign film shooting, the rocker arm of the vehicle has been more popular, and it has appeared many years ago. In the country, the rocker arm of the car is a "new" equipment that can be seen in some big movies and car advertising.

For many domestic photographers, it is usually difficult for them to have access to this kind of truck rocker. In the first place, equipment and equipment are not popular, but the use of such vehicle rocker also requires professional skills. So most people have a simple understanding of the truck rocker, and know what occasions they are used in, but how to use them, they also have some basic understanding from some videos. The following article will share some of the shooting skills of the rocker arm of the car, which is interesting to see.


Today we all want to use hard point, with the roof rocker photographer talk about how to master practical skills quickly shake the roof! We started to take life in the shoot was man salute!

Car rocker shooting skills

Shooting skill of vehicle rocker arm

In Google search for Russian Arm (Chinese name Russian arm), you will find that, as the movie industry's roof rocker, it has been popularized like three feet in foreign film and television production. We start from the main parameters of the rocker arm of the SCORPIO ARM's official network, which is commonly known as the scorpion car rocker arm.

From the official website of SCORPIO ARM, it can be seen that a 360 degree rotation of the rocker on the roof takes 5.5 seconds, and the maximum ground height is 5.6 meters. Of course, this height is only standard, but also has an extended version. We first analyzed the total weight, and the total weight of a set of top equipment plus a camera was about 600--700 kilograms.

Considering the safety and the demand of the actual lens movement, the general manufacturers will not set the motor's deceleration ratio too fast, the fastest and 5 seconds lap, or faster, but it's not safe. It doesn't matter much. There's no limit to slow down.

The main arm will involve drag interference in the shooting, a common 5 meters if the lateral moves no tail rocker to balance the resistance, the basic car reached 75--80KM will be out of control, so we see almost every top rocker has a tail, of course, will have to see the wind or the wind is smooth. From the view of safety and the control of the novice

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