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How does the enterprise propaganda film use the camera crane

In the process of enterprise promotional film shooting, camera crane is often used for shooting equipment. Large camera crane, middle camera crane and small camera crane arm are the favorite equipments of cameraman. The camera crane arm can move the lens to complete the long distance and height and lens rotation very visual effect of the shooting, is one of the essential equipment in the process of enterprise promo shoot, to shoot the link of enterprise Promo made distinctions won in battle. The operation skills of skilled grasp the camera crane arm, is one of the basic qualities of a qualified photographer have, today we have some common shooting techniques share camera crane: first, appropriate Pan Pan speed time should not be too long or too short. Based on past experience, with the method of Pan filming a group shot about 10 seconds is appropriate, too short when playing the picture looks like flying, is too long will feel messy. A group of Pan lens should have a clear beginning and end, to stay for a long time in the stable amplitude and amplitude falls on the screen, usually about three seconds is enough, this lens makes people look stable nature, this point is very important. There is no stop, the lens will give people no end and incomplete feeling. Of course, according to the needs of different art treatment is also common: if you want to let the picture add some tension, you can take a slightly faster moving speed, so it can achieve the desired effect, this picture, we often see in Hollywood thriller. Two, camera crane shooting skills - Zoom pan will be more effective when some people think about Pan should be transferred to the wide-angle zoom lens (W) location shooting. In fact, a lot of times, we can draw the lens closer and use the middle lens and even the close lens to shoot the effect better, so that the captured picture is more vivid and interesting, and more full on the scene. "Arc moving shooting" is to move the camera in a circular or arc direction, not a straight line. The walking method of "arc photography" is basically the same as the way of walking on the side step, but the walking route is different. Arc perturbation should not be too large or too small, and should be controlled between 120 degrees and 180 degrees. In the entire fragment, the main target should be maintained at the center of the picture. With this method of "arc taken to around a stationary object such as a fountain, a statue or a bunch of flowers - shoot than standing in situ shooting vivid picture is much more interesting, so it can well reflect the depth and level of stationary scene. Take some special shots, with the "pan" technique, which can take a better visual effect of lens. Three, under the pan - camera crane shooting skills

This method can be used to track the target moving up and down. If an athlete's diving action is taken as an amplitude from the athlete's standing on the high platform, he will push the lens closer and lock the target from take-off to water entry, and the lens will follow the athlete.

Down and down synchronously. Such a scene is best to use close ups to shoot, if the mirror is appropriate, just a few seconds, at one time, a strong visual impact. But it's difficult to shoot such a goal, and the key is the speed of the racket.

It is difficult to move the composition of the composition. Shooting must exercise several times, unless you are "old", generally do not use too close to the camera to shoot.

By using the method of upper and lower pan are often used to show some can not use a full picture of the complete performance scene, or to show a tall and majestic scenery. High longitudinal building is the best target on the pan. Stand in a high

The building in front of the house, first use the method of flat base photo shooting floor, then from bottom to top, slowly moving the lens until the top of the tall building - a small group of lens to the floor of the whole landscape into sight, the more majestic tall buildings. 四、摇臂拍摄技巧-左右摇摄 以横向圆弧路线摇动摄像机,可以很好的拍摄宽广的全景或者是左右移动中的目标。

The method is: first will be around the pan body facing the direction of the termination of panning, the camera panning is stable, toward the last point, then the body began to shake the steering direction and start shooting lens. The body is slowly and evenly

Turn to the end direction, until the completion of the whole process of pan.

The handset body pan, generally do not need to rotate 90 degrees, such as more than 90 degrees, people will feel uncomfortable, will be unfavorable to the stability on the screen. Keep under the pan, used this method to track the shot panning and move around

The key to the target is to master the speed of the shot, and keep it in sync with the moving speed of the target.

For example, we take a car from left to right. First we must plan the vehicle route and pan the starting and ending points; and then take the camera body toward the termination point stand, the counterclockwise rotation of the upper part of the body to play

The starting point waits for the appearance of the target; once the target enters the picture, it starts shooting and turns to the upper body at the right speed as the car moves. The camera is always aligned cars until the end point of the middle pan, cannot stop. To pan

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