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What are the techniques for using the camera crane

What are the techniques for using the camera crane

The camera crane is more and more widely used in the production of TV programs. As a result of improper use or lack of experience, there are more and more accidents. In the daily use of the camera crane, we should pay attention to the following items:

In the wild after use, do not rush to work, to prevent the loss of small parts during disassembly. When placing accessories, it must be placed according to the position of normal placement, especially the connection line, to prevent heavy parts from breaking the connection line in the way of transportation. When used for a period of time, check the dust and resistance between the various connecting screws, connection lines, each motor gear of the head of the arm. When you don't use it for a long time, don't bother. It's necessary to remove the camera crane to the box. Considering the large volume and weight of the general camera crane, the installation of rocker must take safety as the guiding principle. When installing, it must be carried out in a safe and orderly manner. If it is installed outdoors, it should also be taken into consideration.

One, if installed on the road, we should pay attention to the traffic and traffic.

Two. If installed on the top of the building, attention should be paid to the impact of wind on the safety of the equipment. The general camera crane is more than 7 meters long and is easily affected by the wind.

Three, if installed on the ship, we should pay attention to the unsafe factors caused by the swaying of the ship.

Four, if installed in the field, but also pay attention to the foundation of firmness, according to the different topography, appropriate to increase the strength of foundation hard, can flexibly select large artillery rounds or not installed directly on the wheel and the tripod support.

In practical use, pay attention to the changes in the weather, especially in the summer. The installation and dismantling of the camera crane takes a long time to prevent the burst of thunderstorms. If there is an obstacle, it is best to arrange a person to remind the air obstacle specially to prevent the rocker from hitting the obstacle and cause the loss. The most dangerous is the wire, the best to avoid, one is not careful, easy to appear dangerous.

After the erection of rocker level should be checked in all parts of the head of the camera crane equipment and dynamic balance, after confirmation of the camera installation, and timely adjust the camera and dynamic balance; and then drag to the director position of the lock arm, so that the installation process is complete. The dynamic balance adjustment is not good. When the camera rotates on the top and left sides, it will not only be not smooth, but also cause the load of motor and motor drive to aggravate. For a long time, it will cause premature damage to motor and motor drive. For our country, the application of rocker technology is relatively late. Especially in prefecture level city TV stations, the relative technology application level is also lagging behind, so there are many misunderstandings in China.

First, the actual operation is usually operated by a single person, but from a safety point of view, there should be two people running the rocker camera at the same time. One of them controls the direction and position, and guarantees the safety of the camera. Another person controls the operation handle to ensure the quality of the picture.

Two, there is often a lack of communication between the director and the rocker cameraman, which leads to the inconsistency of the coordination and the inconsistency of the lens.

Three, although the type of TV program is rich, the model of the camera crane is too single, which affects the expressiveness of the lens.

Four, because of the shortage of personnel and safety measures, the unnecessary damage of the camera crane equipment is more common.

The application of the rocker camera in the program depends largely on the communication between the cameraman and the director. Before the program is recorded, the rocker camera crew must communicate with the director on the recording process, familiarity with the content of the recording program, and design the lens of the camera crane in the program recording, so that the rocker camera technology can play the best role. For large-scale TV programs or live programs recorded in studio, it is also necessary to drill all the shots according to the program requirements as far as possible during the rehearsal process.

In the actual shooting, the rocker camera crew should also make full use of the scene environment, such as scene set and lamp rack to hide the influence of the huge camera crane on the other camera lens, and try not to affect the audience's view.

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