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The beauty of the rational use of large-scale activities in the camera crane

The beauty of the rational use of large-scale activities in the camera crane

In many large activities, we all use the camera crane, but the camera crane has many kinds from 3-15 meters. At the critical moment, what are the uses for them? What are the advantages of the rational use of the camera crane to our camera belt?

Large activity shooting

The application of the rocker camera in the program depends largely on the communication between the camera and the director. Before the program is recorded, the rocker camera crew must communicate with the director on the recording process, familiarity with the content of the recording program, and design the lens of the camera crane in the program recording, so that the rocker camera technology can play the best role. For large-scale TV programs or live programs recorded in studio, it is also necessary to drill all the shots according to the program requirements as far as possible during the rehearsal process.

The application of 1. rocker camera technology in large conference activities

At present, two large-scale rocker cameras are often used in large conference activities. One is placed in front of the stage, which is mainly used for shooting important guests or performers on the stage, and another audience on the main scene responds to the scene. In order to maximize capture platform guests all kinds of wonderful pictures in front of the rocker device location as close as possible to the stage, try to put on both sides of the main stage; moreover, the camera crane can more break through the limitations of the plane shooting in this case, can fully capture the wonderful moments on the scene to guest lecture. In the actual shooting, the rocker camera crew should also make full use of the scene environment, such as scene set and lamp rack to hide the influence of the huge camera crane on the other camera lens, and try not to affect the audience's view.

Large activity shooting

The application of 2. rocker camera technology in sports programs

There are various camera cranes for sports programs, such as Germany's ABC large rocker is designed for shooting football matches, while British Polecam is mainly suitable for shooting small sports programs. When shooting sports programs, the rocker camera technology can capture the dynamic scenes of athletes during the competition, and let the rocker camera audiences feel the intense competition atmosphere on the scene. The new British Polecam camera crane can break through the original camera position and be able to shoot the athletes near the body to highlight the motion characteristics.

Besides, because different sports have different motion characteristics, the rocker pickup should also be familiar with the characteristics of all kinds of sports, so that the characteristics of different sports can be vividly shown to the audience. The positions used in different sports events are not the same. In football, for example, the general shooting rocker cameras used football should be placed behind the goal in the 45 degree angle, this is because the seats placed in the football field in the restrictions, the game provides a lot of places can not be placed only on the rocker seat, capture screen behind the goal, to show the audience in front of the camera in motion are all taken from the goal behind the lens. For smaller sports such as basketball and volleyball, the Polecam small camera crane can be used to capture the sportsmen's demeanor.

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