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Precautions for the operation and maintenance of the camera crane

Precautions for the operation and maintenance of the camera crane

Camera crane use

First, the rocking arm filming

In the era of continuous improvement of DV technology, camera crane technology has played an important role in various sports, conversation and other programs, and rocker as a special camera equipment has been widely adopted by TV stations and advertising companies everywhere. Especially in some large performances such as square performance, literary and art evening and other interactive programs. It enriches the TV camera language, added footage and dynamic diversification, to the camera picture add the majestic momentum and deep sense of space, so that the audience be personally on the scene feeling; moreover, due to the unique advantages of the long arm of the rocker arm camera, often can take to other cameras can not capture the scene.



Pan pan on the left and right

In the shooting work, the lens is one of the most commonly used techniques. When shooting scenes are too ambitious, if not the whole picture with a wide-angle lens to shoot down completely, then you should use the "pan" shooting mode.

Pan on the pan and the pan around, the camera position is unchanged, depending on changes in the camera angles to shoot. The shooting method is often used in the pan in the following two cases: the first case is when shooting a scene or a picture of the scene, this is often a fragment you shoot at the beginning of the story, as a prologue to the occurrence of the event location and position and environment the main character; the second is used to track a moving target, for example, is a high diving athletes, fell down things or a running car.



On the next pan

This method can be used to track the target moving up and down. If an athlete's diving action is taken as an amplitude from the athlete's standing on the high platform, he pushes the lens closer and locks the target. From the take-off to the water entry, the lens moves down synchronously with the player's whereabouts. Such a scene is best to use close ups to shoot, if the mirror is appropriate, just a few seconds, at one time, a strong visual impact. But it is difficult to shoot such a goal, the key is that the speed of the racket is not good, and it is difficult to move the composition. Shooting must exercise several times, unless you are "old", generally do not use too close to the camera to shoot.

By using the method of upper and lower pan are often used to show some can not use a full picture of the complete performance scene, or to show a tall and majestic scenery. High longitudinal building is the best target on the pan. Stand in a edifice before base via the method of flat shoot shooting floor, then from bottom to top, slowly moving the lens until the top of the tall building � a small group of lens to the floor of the whole landscape into sight, the more majestic tall buildings.

The left and right pan

Shaking a camera with a lateral arc route can be a good shot of a wide panorama or a moving target.

The method is: first will be around the pan body facing the direction of the termination of panning, the camera panning is stable, toward the last point, then the body began to shake the steering direction and start shooting lens. The body slowly and evenly to the termination of the direction of rotation, until the completion of the whole process of pan.

The handset body pan, generally do not need to rotate 90 degrees, such as more than 90 degrees, people will feel uncomfortable, will be unfavorable to the stability on the screen. Keep under the pan, the key used by the pan to track the moving target shooting around is to grasp the panning speed, keep pace with the moving speed of shooting target.

For example, we take a car from left to right. First we must plan the vehicle route and pan the starting and ending points; and then take the camera body toward the end point stand, counterclockwise rotating body to the starting point for the target; once the target began to enter the picture taken, and as the car moves to the right rotating body. The camera is always aligned cars until the end point of the middle pan, cannot stop. The pan should pay attention to the composition balance, walking space target to extra space is greater than. To end the shooting, stop shaking the tracking target. The lens can't stop for two or three seconds and let the target disappear slowly from the picture.

Shooting such a set of shots should be planned in advance, and there is a process of preparation before shooting. To prepare for the position, target, and can't wait to enter the starting point of the target pan grabbed the machine on the beat, in such a hurry to pull, will not have good results. So it is necessary to make an advance amount.

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