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Application of camera crane in large activity

Application of camera crane in large activity

The camera crane is a kind of professional film and television equipment used in film, TV play and so on. It is used for some special lens effects. This device first appeared in the field of foreign film. Later, with the popularization and popularization, more and more devices were used in various domestic video production. Now the camera rocker has become one of the indispensable video cameras in film and television photography.

The camera arm has a point of "height arm length" and so on. With the advantage of long arm, it can easily get a lot of special lenses. Especially in some large occasions, the advantages of other machines can not be compared. For example, a party, a concert, a large event, and so on. In these cases, the fixed position is limited due to the large area of the site, and the fixed position can not be arranged in some places. With some unique features, the camera rocker can solve these problems easily.

In the event, the camera rocker usually used to take big scene lens, the camera arm rises to a certain level, you can view on the subject, a wide range of panoramic camera shooting easily. At the same time, with the camera crane "rise" "drop", "shake" "shift" can make a lot of wonderful lens pictures.

In the 70th anniversary parade rehearsal in the commemoration of the victory of the war of resistance, the camera rocker equipment was also used (Figure). In the shooting, the camera position of the camera rocker is arranged in different positions except the fixed position of the scene. In the shooting, the camera crane length advantage, you can easily get a big shot from the aerial view. Let the picture become grand and magnificent, showing a strong momentum from the side.

In addition to the high altitude camera lens, crane can also move continuously shooting, let the lens become fluent, many scenes can go. In the field of large-scale activities, the space mobility of the camera rocker position is also comparable to that of the fixed position. Although the fixed position can lay the camera track, it may not be able to track the track in some occasions. While the camera crane is installed in a certain position, although it can not be moved, it can take full advantage of the length of the arm and can move in a flexible space.

Besides shooting the rocker's "lift", "down", "shake" and "move" features in large-scale activities, the safety problem of camera rocker should not be ignored. In particular, the size and weight of the large camera crane should be paid special attention in the process of use. When choosing the installation location, we must pay more attention to the environment of arm length range, and we can't get any other debris interference (such as trees, wires, etc.) to avoid accidents. And the scene of the activity has a large number of people flow, if the consequences of security problems will be unimaginable, so the camera rocker must be safe to use as the premise.

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