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Installation, use and maintenance of the camera crane of a large television camera

With the rapid development of TV technology, the use of large TV camera crane is becoming more and more popular in large variety art activities. It enriches the TV camera language, added footage and dynamic impact, make the audience feel personally on the scene; and, because the camera has the unique advantage of rocker arm down, often can get other cameras can capture the picture.

A set of I2 meters accounted for the United States (Jimmy Jib) heavy pan arm, the arm made of high strength Aluminum Alloy triangle structure, light, solid and stable; control cable can be inserted into the arm, to enhance the reliability of operation safety; combination design of long segment arm, each arm length (Tube) about 0.9m, according to the need to change the length, easy to upgrade, simple installation, convenient transportation.

The correct installation and adjustment of the rocker arm is a prerequisite for the use of the rocker arm, and it also helps to prolong the service life of the rocker arm. This is a brief introduction to the installation, use and maintenance of the rocker arm in combination with the practical experience of installing and using the rocker arm of the United States for the last two years.

Installation, use and maintenance of the rocker arm of a large television camera

1. The installation of the rocker arm

Rocker arm equipment is very large in volume and weight. When installing, safety must be the main point. It must be carried out in a safe and orderly way, otherwise it will cause unnecessary destruction. If installed outdoors, pay attention to the pressure on the ground, the surrounding pedestrians, potential hazards, weather conditions, and so on.

If installed in the interior, should pay attention to the rocker around obstacles do not, lest the operator moves back and forth affected, according to the site to determine the size of the installation of the length of rocker, rocker arm placed right in the general stage, the camera can reach the center of the stage rocker axis best, which can not only pan to the center of the stage, and does not affect the the audience seat screen.

The rocking arm of the United States, according to the length of the installation, is divided into 12 meters, 9 meters, 7 meters, 5 meters, four levels. In the process of installation, different main cables, side cables and trochlear cables are required due to different sites and different length of installation. In order to distinguish the different length of cable, according to the site as soon as possible to find out the corresponding cable, we label in different cable, and are tied together, so at the time of installation is not to a trial, improve installation arm speed, reduce the failure rate of installation.


Two. Use of the rocker arm

When the arm is installed, the camera is first mounted on the head of the head. Next, we use the horizontal ruler to measure the level of the supporting rod (HeadSupportTube) of the head, adjust the connecting screw pipe of the pulley cable and the Front Cable, so that the horizontal ruler indicates the horizontal state. Then the perpendicularity of the head assembly is measured. Put the level on the head, release the rope handle, adjust the perpendicularity, and tighten the handle. Next, the focus servo component (FocusServo) is adjusted. Install the focus servo component correctly on the lens, and notice that the gear is not in contact with the lens focus ring for the time being. Add the power to the control box (Control Box), rotate the focusing knob to the infinity end, manually rotate the lens focusing ring to the infinity end, then make the gear engage with the focusing ring elastically. The key here is to match the stroke of the focusing motor with the stroke of the focusing ring.


If it is not properly installed, it will happen:

1, the focus ring has been rotated, and the motor can still be rotated, so that the gear, the focus ring and the motor can be damaged easily.

2, the motor rotates back to the end, but the focus ring is not in place, and the focus can not be realized. The installation of the aperture servo is similar to that of the focusing servo.


Second, adjust the balance of the camera. Connect all cables before adjusting. First move the front and back positions of the camcorder plate until the camera reaches the level, and the head does not fall down and tightens the bolt.

Then, the rotating arm (Swing Arm) is turned 90 degrees to be in a horizontal state, when the camera is in a vertical state. Release the rotary arm knob (Swing ArmKnob), adjust the position before and after, make it horizontal, and tighten the knob. At this point, no matter what position the camera is rotated manually, it is able to maintain a horizontal state and will not rotate by gravity.


If the camera is inverted or warped, it shows that the balance is not well adjusted, and the above two steps need to be remade.

Finally, give weight to the entire rocker arm. Add the appropriate weight of the barbell plate to keep the lever lever in a horizontal state. No matter when the rocker moves to any position, it will remain stationary after the loosening of the arm, and it will not be tilted and not planted. In this case, all the balance adjustment of the rocker arm is completed.

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