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What should be paid attention to in the use of the camera crane in the filming of the propaganda film

1. The usual examination. For a period of time, check the dust, resistance and accuracy of each connecting cable, fixed screw, and each motor gear of the rocker arm. If it is not used for a period of time, the precision accessories such as the cloud platform should be sealed and preserved.

Two. Shooting site specification. The rocker arm is large auxiliary camera equipment, of course, when in use should be Caution!.

Three. The problem of the disassembly of the rocker arm. The rocker arm is mistaken for a small part when it is disassembled. When installing the accessories, put it in the right position, especially the connection line.

1. after the rocker arm is set up, we should check the dynamic balance and level of the Yuntai, confirm the error and put the camera up again, adjust the level and dynamic balance of the camera in time, then put it in the designated shooting area and fix the rocker arm.

2. pay attention to the obstacle, it is best to arrange a person to remind the air obstacle specially to prevent the rocker from hitting the obstacle and cause the loss. The most important thing to pay attention to is the wire, which is very dangerous.

3. in the non hardened ground should pay attention to the firmness of different terrain, hard strength of foundation should be changed, of course, can choose to pack artillery rounds or not installed wheels, directly connected with the tripod fixing support.

4. on the mobile site, we should pay attention to some unsafe factors caused by moving swaying.

 5. the general rocker arm is easily affected by the wind in the longer to more than 7 meters, so the wind has a certain influence on the large rocker arm.

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