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Whether the micro film needs to use the camera crane

There are many micro movie fans, the technology is natural, the good and bad are different, whether we can shoot enough video, technology is important, but the equipment is also essential, so some people hope for some devices, such as the rocker arm that looks very tall.

The rocker arm once appeared only in regular movies, TV dramas and advertisements, but it was large but able to take into account all aspects. The crane is larger than the rocker, and many movies use a crane to take pictures to accommodate photographers, chocers and complex film cameras at the same time.

Apart from the arm of the rocker arm, the large rocker will have an electronically controlled PTZ to control the rotation direction, servo system to control the camera's shooting and central control system to collect signals and processing signals and special power adapters.

The rocker arm used for micro film is mostly a simplified version of miniaturization and lightening. Only the arm of rocker arm is usually two meters long, so it is not suitable for indoor use anymore. The operation of small rocker and large rocker is quite different. When a large rocker is manipulated, people are manipulated at the rear counterweight end of the rocker arm. When a small rocker is operated, people directly hold the front arm and the handle of the rocker arm to control it.

The weight of the small rocker itself is not heavy, and the main weight comes from the shooting equipment and weight. In order to obtain smaller range of activity, the weight end of the rocker arm is shorter, and the reduction in the size of the arm must increase the weight of the arm to achieve the balance. When the camera terminal is mounted on PTZ and SLR, and additional devices such as external monitor, recording system, focusing system and other devices are added, the weight added by the counterweight end is amazing.

The personal photographer, rent, borrow, buy a large rocker is not very realistic problems, there are usually three ways to solve, can afford to live on the three stand in increasing weight; focus monitor equipment to mobile counterweight end; the scene space is big under the condition of weight the size of the extended end.

In addition the rocker effect is good, but need to practice a good site is not shaken together, with actor position, position and combination, design reasonable trajectory. The more expensive, rocker arm assembly and mobile handling more trouble, can also take the lease and the way of borrowing.

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