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How to correct the camera's camera crane arm?

With the rapid development of film and television equipment, camera rocker has become an indispensable video assistant equipment for cameramen. It is a good helper in shooting videos, TV plays or MV. However, many camera novices will inevitably have such or such problems in the beginning of use, such as the problem of adjustment in use. Below is a small editor to introduce how to correctly adjust the camera's rocker arm. The following are the following steps:

First, the motor screw should be loosened, and the motor gear should be separated from the bracket gear.

The front and back positions of the mobile camera bracket on the bracket make the camera and position balanced, not low head, and not up to the head. When the camera is turned 180 degrees, the bottom of the bracket is facing up, the camera can still remain still.

Adjust the position of the camera up and down on the bracket so that the camera can still remain still at the head and up.

The rotating camera can remain still in any degree of 360 degrees. If you can't stay at rest, repeat 2 or 3 adjustments. Until the camera can remain stationary on any degree.

The replacement camera needs to be readjusted. Because the center of gravity of different cameras is different.


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