A brief discussion on the shooting and using technology of the camera crane

A brief discussion on the shooting and using technology of the camera crane

In the era of rapid change of television technology, rocker camera technology has played an important role in variety, sports, conversation and other programs. It greatly enriches the lens language of TV programs, increases the motion and diversity of the lens, adds momentum and depth of space to the lens, and makes the audience feel the feeling of the scene; and, because of the unique long arm advantage of the rocker camera, it is often able to capture the lens that other cameras can't capture.


A brief discussion on the shooting and using technology of the camera crane


A brief discussion on the shooting and using technology of the camera crane


The basic knowledge of the one arm Technology


The rocker arm of a camera is divided into many kinds, usually divided into movie application and TV application. The rocker arm of the movie is more technical than the TV rocker arm, and at the same time the price should be much higher than that of the rocker arm. However, the variety is relatively small. And because of the rich type of TV program, there are more kinds of rocker types used in TV, which can be divided into three kinds, with seats, all remote control and all manual. The arm has the function of contraction of the arm rod. At present, the main TV rocker in the world is mainly: the Movietech large rocker in Germany, the large rocker arm of ABC in Germany, the large rocker arm of JimmyJib in the United States, the rocker arm of the British Polecat fishing rod, and the small arm of the PowerJib. Considering that the volume and weight of the general rocker equipment are large, the installation of the rocker arm must be based on safety, and the installation should be carried out in an orderly manner when the installation is safe; if it is installed outdoors, it should be taken into consideration.


If installed on the road, attention should be paid to pedestrians and vehicles.


If installed on the top of the building, pay attention to the effect of wind power on the safety of the equipment. The general rocker lengthened to more than 7 meters is susceptible to wind force.


If installed on the cruise ship, attention should be paid to the unsafe factors caused by the swaying of the ship.


If installed in the field, we should pay attention to the hardness of the foundation. According to the different terrain, it can be flexible to choose the support of the tripod directly by loading the gun wheel or not carrying the wheel. When the rocker arm is set up, we should check the level and dynamic balance of each part of the rocker arm, confirm the installation of the camera and adjust the level and dynamic balance of the camera in time; then drag it to the director's position and lock the rocker arm so that the installation process will be completed. For our country, the application of rocker arm technology is relatively late, and the relative level of technology application is also lagging behind, so there are many misuses in China.


In practice, it is usually operated by a single person, but from a security point of view, two people should operate the rocker camera at the same time. One controls the direction and position of the camera and ensures the safety of the camera. The other controls the operation handle to ensure the quality of the picture.


There is often a lack of communication between the director and the rocker cameraman, resulting in a lack of tacit agreement with the camera lens.


Although the types of TV programs are abundant, the type of rocker arm used is too single to affect the expressive force of the lens.


Due to inadequate staffing and safety measures, unnecessary damage to rocker equipment is common.


The effect of the rocker arm has not been fully played.

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