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A brief talk on the technology of camera crane

A brief talk on the technology of camera crane

Camera crane as a special camera auxiliary equipment has been widely used by TV stations and advertising agencies everywhere. In particular, in some enterprises and institutions, advertising, Plaza performance, and some other MTV programs, the use of the camera crane can indeed add infectivity to the picture. How to correctly use camera crane arm and use camera crane arm is a problem that cameraman needs to discuss. Here I would like to share with you my work experience in recent years. In the program production, all use the camera crane arm, not only is to use its motion lens to enhance the motion of the picture, and sometimes use it as a fixed position at a high point. But that's not the advantage of the camera crane. The most basic requirement of using camera crane arm is three words: steady, uniform and accurate. Steady, that is, when the amplitude is raised and the amplitude is lowered, the force must be steady.

In the process of movement, the speed must be uniform, the purpose of the movement is clear, and it can not be fast and slow. It is to be aimed at the subject taken in the process of motion. The object is definite, especially the single subject, the relative position of the main body in the screen must be fixed, and the subject can never be lost in the process of movement. To achieve stability, uniformity and accuracy, we need solid basic skills. The basic operations of the camera crane camera include the movement of the arm, the control of the camera lens, the control of the zoom, the adjustment of the focal length, and the control of the focal length (if the Z axis parts are installed, then the Z axis is manipulated). The coordination between the movement of the boom and the pointing of the camera lens is

It is particularly important to make good use of the premise of the camera crane arm, especially around the target body. Moreover, as the camera zoom lens moves closer to the main body, the difficulty of operation will increase. The mastery of basic skills depends on normal practice, not a day's work. Beginners should have at least a few hours of basic training to master. Every camera crane user must have solid basic skills and be able to operate with ease. With solid basic skills, next we will study the placement of camera crane arms in the program, that is, the positioning of the camera crane arm. The author thinks that the advantage of large camera crane arm (7m above length) is in mobile shooting, which is the general position can not be achieved. The effect of mobile shooting is closely related to the pre design of moving trajectory. The motion range of the camera crane is a circle on the horizontal plane. The motion track of the camera P is the synthesis of circular motion on the horizontal and vertical planes. Generally speaking, the shift of the camera crane arm is not very convenient, and it is basically fixed on the program site, especially in a live broadcast scene. Therefore, before rehearsal, we must seriously study the program, such as how to play, standing, the position on the stage, the number of dancers, etc. On the basis of "eat through" program, design the motion track of the camera, make it meet the needs of the program to the maximum limit, give full play to the advantage of the camera crane arm, make the program produce the greatest artistic appeal. Once the trajectory is determined, the position of the camera crane arm is also determined. If it is a segmented recording program, it is necessary to move the camera crane arm position to suit different trajectories according to the needs, so there are more than one location. At this point, it is necessary to mark the ground beforehand, and it is best to hang an object underneath the O point of the tripod for precise positioning. The key to mobile photography lies in the movement, that is, the displacement of the camera relative to the object. In order to perform well in shooting, we must also select reference objects, and we can not express motion without reference. First, the closer the reference object is from the camera, the closer the reference is, the stronger the motion; secondly, the reference material can also be used as the foreground of the picture. For example, in a large square event, the camera crane camera skims over the top of the audience's head, and the reference is the audience, the higher the position, the weaker the motion, the more intense the impact and the movement of the audience, and the green bonsai and the props above the stage, such as umbrellas and balloons, are also available. As a reference, it can also be used as the foreground of the picture. Only the choice of reference, can produce twice the result of half the effort, although the speed of the arm movement is not very fast, but the impact of the lens is very strong, its effect is very obvious.

The camera crane arm can be manipulated by one person or operated by two persons. Many cameramen are used to single handedly, but whether they are manipulated or controlled by two people depends on the specific circumstances. When a person controls, he has to control the movement of the arm arm of the camera crane arm, and also control the direction of the camera lens. If it is to shoot large scenes, then use a wide angle mirror, the movement speed is relatively slow, and one person is still able to control. However, if there is a further requirement for the movement, for example, the speed of the arm movement, the increase of the acceleration, the precise positioning of the picture, and the use of the zoom lens up, one person may not be able to do it. It is necessary for the two people to complete the shot. But the two people have a coordinated problem. Therefore, before the program rehearsal, two people need to work together with the director to plan the trajectory of the camera crane arm so as to have a clear idea of it. After a period of joint exercise, we can achieve mutual understanding. In addition to the above, we also need to master installation and commissioning. "If the desire of work is good, it must be the first." Installation and debugging are basic skills that camera crane users must master. The installation is good and the use is safe and reliable. If the debugging is good, the parts can be operated freely and handy.

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