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Application knowledge of small camera crane

The small camera crane is a kind of camera camera crane . This kind of camera camera crane is a "knife" because of its light weight and small volume. It is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in film and television production. The small camera crane  is a kind of equipment which is refitted on the basis of the large camera camera crane , and its realization principle is similar to the large camera camera crane . But the small camera crane is more suitable for shooting in small space. With the advantage of small size and good flexibility, it can get many wonderful shots.


Small camera crane  and large camera camera crane , is a kind of equipment consisting of , cloud platform, three legs, counterweight and other accessories. But in addition to the size and weight of the small camera crane and the big camera crane , the biggest difference is that there is no specialized electronic control system in the small camera crane , which is generally operated manually.


The small  volume and weight are lightweight design, so it is very convenient to carry and transport. It can be completed in ten minutes from installation to input. Compared with large camera camera crane , it is more efficient in some shooting, especially for small production teams.


The small camera crane  is also very flexible in filming. It can be installed on the three foot and can be installed on a small mobile car, and even some of the unique small camera crane s can also be flexibly moving on the camera's body (such as the small  of the fishing rod). In flexibility, it is impossible for a large camera camera crane to phase. Comparison. Therefore, the application of small camera crane can often be seen in outdoor TV programs, sports competitions and other shooting.


Due to the limited  length of the small camera crane , there are some defects in the shooting of some special shots. For example: high altitude large lens, long lens, wide range of mobile tracking lens. Therefore, the small camera crane is suitable for creation and use in some small spaces. In films, TV dramas, advertising films and other shooting are using a variety of camera auxiliary equipment.


At the same time, the small camera crane is much cheaper in price than other types of camera camera crane , so ordinary ordinary users can also afford it. Compared with tens of thousands of large camera camera cranes, the small camera crane is more popular for shooting creation. Suitable for professional theater group, small production team, studio, individual users and other groups.

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