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Attention should be paid to the selection of the camera crane

Attention should be paid to the selection of the camera crane

Camera crane is now one of the most commonly used equipment in all kinds of film and television production. It is one of the most popular camera assisting equipment of the cameraman. It is more indispensable in big scene and large space. The camera crane is a kind of more precise mechanical and electrical equipment. There are many needs to be paid attention to when choosing this kind of equipment. Here are some details that are easy to be ignored.





The first is to see the controllability of the electronic control system. I personally think this is the most important thing. Many people choose the rocker arm to choose from the appearance and ignore the main ones. It is not that the appearance is not important, but that the control line is the core of the camera rocker.


To see whether the control is good or not, we must try the machine, especially the control arm of the camera rocker. The performance of the rocker arm should be so that the speed of the left and right and pitching on the control box is adjusted to the maximum, then the rocker is pushed first, and the machine will be rocking, the deeper the push is, the faster the machine will shake. The left and right directions and the up and down pitching must be tried. The popular point is that there is a feeling of stepless speed change. The angle of the hand is small, the machine moves slowly, the angle is large, and the machine moves fast. Then, with the speed of your rocker arm, you can easily reach the center of the left and right sides.


When shooting, it often goes up or down from the low seat position or the high position of the airplane. At this point, it is necessary to keep the composition center in two directions. Preferably, the direction of the control rod can be reversed to adapt to the photographer's personal habits.


In addition to the lens control, zoom, the servo control of the aperture is accurate, Canon, Fuji lens control line is different, see whether it can be controlled, including the lens control cable joint, 12 core, 8 core, whether it can transfer.


All control servo has no protection design. Even if it is mishandled accidentally, it will not burn the line or motor, or even damage the camera.


There is no problem in the appearance of the arms. The strength of the round tube, the square tube, the triangle, the eight face is no problem. It is very complicated to see the connection between the arm and the wire rope. The volume of the box after packing is not too large. This is very important to the transport transfer field taken out of our country, and it can save the freight. For example, the triangle boom is easier to transport and saves space.


Scalability is also a problem to consider. Scalability refers to whether the camera rocker is easy to upgrade or add other attachments. For example, arm length upgrade and monitor accessories installation. Extensibility is considered from a long-term use point of view. If the camera rocker is easy to expand and upgrade, it will save a lot of budget. For example, a 5 meter camera rocker is upgraded to 8 meters, and only needs to upgrade the accessories needed. It is far more cost-effective than buying a 8 meter rocker alone.


The appearance and manufacturing process is also an aspect of attention. The appearance refers to the overall structure design of the camera crane, which is related to the stability and ease of use of the camera crane. Process refers to parts and other aspects of the process, such as: arm spray paint and other parts processing precision.


Brand is also a problem worthy of consideration by users. Brand often represents the quality of products. The brand of camera rocker is different, the price, performance, quality and so on will differ a lot. That's one reason why the price of camera crane is so different in the market. Overall, the performance of imported rocker products is much higher than that of domestic rocker arms, and it is also several times more expensive. If the budget is high enough, the imported rocker equipment with better performance can be selected.


After sale service is also a problem that can not be ignored. Sometimes it relates to the normal operation of the equipment. For example, parts maintenance or replacement, fault handling, technical support, etc. The camera rocker is a relatively sophisticated device, so we should pay attention to many aspects in the selection process. The above is personal experience for reference only.

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