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I finally know how to use the camer crane in TV cameras

I finally know how to use the camer crane in TV cameras

         With the continuous development of the TV industry, various modern camera equipment and auxiliary equipment are widely used in the production of various TV programs. As one of the main auxiliary tools in the process of TV camera shooting, how to use it reasonably requires the rocker to have a strong professional knowledge and technical level. Here are the tips for using the rocker arm in TV cameras, let's understand it together:

[Skills for using rocker in TV camera]

camera crane

1. The art of coordination with other aircraft

When shooting under the premise of multiple cameras, the connection between each camera must be particularly close. In this process, the rocker arm plays the role of cohesion. For each aircraft to be well connected, it needs the rocker arm to play a certain role in it. Therefore, before shooting, each camera should be prepared in advance, contact each other, and clearly know what they should be responsible for. In the process of shooting, the rocker arm plays a decisive and important role. If you need special performance in the picture, you need the rocker arm to play a role.

For example, the lens of the movement of the subject or the position of the space, the lens that renders the emotions of the audience, etc. are all reflected. In addition, for the content that cannot be photographed by conventional cameras, the rocker arm should fully reflect it, so that the visual impact will be more intense. For example, some details on the characters can be enlarged and displayed. In many scenes, multi-camera shooting is required, and problems usually occur between the rocker arm and the host position. When arranging the scene, the rocker arm must be fully considered. When the position is determined and the rocker arm starts to be used, it is best to cover up the scene lights. For example, it is more appropriate to use the rocker arm in a dimly lit place.

Second, the processing art of shooting pictures

During the rocker shooting process, most of the lenses are usually moving, because this can make the picture more dynamic and expressive. Sometimes, the camera can be used at a fixed high point, but The advantages of the rocker arm are not fully realized. Stability, uniformity, and accuracy play a particularly important role when shooting with the rocker arm. Stability is the force required to stabilize when raising and lowering. The phenomenon of rocking arm swing is absolutely not allowed; evenness is during the movement. To maintain a certain speed, you must clearly understand the ultimate purpose of the movement, and it must be carried out at a uniform speed; the standard is to aim at the subject to be photographed during the movement, with a clear purpose, especially for a single subject At the time, in the screen, you must let the subject occupy a fixed position, absolutely not allowed to lose the subject during the movement.

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