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Common shooting methods of small camera crane


The small camera crane is a popular camera auxiliary equipment in film and television production. It has the advantages of small size, good flexibility and so on, so it is especially suitable for the creation of shooting in some restricted space. With this small camera rocker, it is easy to get the lens effect that the large camera rocker can not get.



The small arm length, small size and small size of the electronic control system, usually by manual control operation, more accurate than the large camera arm in the manipulation of the arm, can be in a long range of lens effect of a variety of shooting creation. This small rocker can be used in indoor and outdoor environments.


The common shooting method of small camera crane in daily work is:


1. general lifting operation.


Take the base (three tripod) as the fulcrum to complete simple shooting.


2. front end and rear end operation.


The arm length of the small arm, without a professional electronic control system, is usually manually controlled, and the cameraman can choose to operate on the front or back end according to the shooting requirements. The large camera camera crane can only be operated at the back end through the control handle of the electric control system because of its long arm.


4. swing arm shooting.


Swing shooting is also based on the pedestal (three feet) as the fulcrum to move the shooting up and down and the left and right sides to complete some shots.


5. ultra low angle shooting


Generally used in close-up shooting, using ultra-low angle to show different lens effect.


6. combined with rail cars


The small camera crane is small in size and light in weight, so it can be installed on the camera track to complete some wonderful shooting scenes.


The small rocker is now used in films, TV dramas, variety shows, micro video and so on. It is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for the creation of camera photography, and is more economical than the large camera camera crane. For small production team, it is a necessary camera equipment.

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