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Experience in using camera crane in multi machine shooting

Experience in using camera crane in multi machine shooting

Experience in the use of camera crane in multi - machine shooting. In the process of shooting multiple planes, it is very important to cooperate well with each other. Most of the camera cranes play a connecting and transitional role. They often connect the lenses of different positions by needle. a China Film and television equipment network, tells you about the experience of using the camera crane during the shooting of multiple planes.


Experience 1: do a good job in the division of labor. Before shooting, communicate with each other and clarify their tasks.


Experience two: be good at playing the strengths of the camera crane. In the process of shooting, the rocker must make full use of its own advantages to fully tap some lenses, such as the process of body movement, the lens of the space position, and the scenes of the audience's emotion. In addition, the camera crane is also good at capturing the inaccessible details and extreme lenses to increase the sense of freshness, such as the fingers of the piano, the eye of the actor, the big pitching, and even the tilt and inverted lens.


Experience three: how to avoid the shortcoming of the camera crane? In the process of filming on several occasions, the rocker often involves the problem of mainstreaming. This problem should be taken into account when selecting the placement of camera cranes. After the location is determined, the light can be used to hide the camera crane when used, for example, when the light is dim. When the rocker is in a rest, try to keep the direction of the rocker and the host position parallel. In this way, the host position sees a point, not a long pole in the middle of the picture.


The experience in using the rocker during the multi - machine shooting process needs to be summed up in the actual shooting process. This is simply a few points, and more photographers have to understand themselves.

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