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Help Chinese film dry out Hollywood China's first electronic controlled vehicle rocker arm global first

In March 31st, Beijing in the Czech Republic, intelligent technology company released the first electric vehicle China rocker rocker (PALADIN ARM) - the knight.PALADIN ARM is an electric vehicle stability by gyro rocker, the whole system is composed of camera head, electronic controlled rocker and car control unit. By means of rapid installation, the rider can arbitrarily carry the top of most ordinary cars, and 2-4 people can finish the shooting of moving pictures of various road environments by remote control inside vehicle. This is China's first "Russian arm".

The first is the idea, Li Nian is the founder of Lexus shooting commercials that encounter difficulties, at that time, the founder of his identity or aerial grenada.

Li Nian said that the shooting of sports scenes is common in movies, TV dramas and advertising films, while car ads are almost always used. The shooting moving objects there are three common methods: carrying on the track, Stan Nikon (steadicam) run, or the use of small UAV aerial photography, and the first two tools already exist fatal problems on the track, only up to 10 meters, 20 meters, only suitable for short distance movement take some exercise, modest coercion stunts; steadicam, requires the photographer carrying heavy machine with moving objects run fast enough, it is not convenient, and all by hand, the footage is simple and primary. Give the greatest hopes for the UAV can not only complete the tight shot, long shot wide; secondly, no high likelihood drone crashed in the filming process, even experienced professional flying hand can not be avoided, so that more people like a wedding scene is limited; finally, is also very high controllable UAV, remote control range and continuous flight distance have received limited.

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