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How to choose the camera crane? 5 principles of selection of camera crane

How to choose the camera crane? 5 principles of selection of camera crane

The camera crane helps us to get a wide and unique lens angle in film and television photography, and can create a magnificent space lens, and can take pictures of many fixed positions that can not be taken. Now the camera rocker has become an indispensable camera assistant tool in film, television, advertising and other film and television production. It is no exaggeration to say that in half of the TV programs can not be separated from the camera crane.


The use of the camera rocker can be traced back to the film shooting abroad. The appearance of the camera has completely changed the creation of the visual angle and the effect of the lens, and has brought a new change to the development of the film and television industry. At present, there are many kinds of rocker arms on the market, and there are more brands. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than two dozen brands of rocker arms in the domestic market. How to choose a suitable camera rocker in many kinds and brands? Next, I will talk about it according to the author's personal experience.


I have been in contact with various kinds of rocker arm equipment, car rocker arm, electric telescopic rocker arm, electronic control rocker arm, fishing rod arm and so on, although it is not a special understanding, but also summed up some personal experience and experience. In 2013, I bought an electric rocker arm for my friend, who used to take part in activities Gala and wedding. Therefore, they usually choose large electric control rocker. The choice is determined by the use of the environment.


Camera rocker choice to pay attention to:


1. budget. This is a more realistic question. The camera rocker is a penny and a cent.  Prices range from several thousand to about 100000. Look at the budget before buying and choose the brand again. These relatively wealthy units like TV stations usually use imported brands. Such as: the United States accounted for the United States rocker arm, Hongkong Andy rocker, Germany GF rocker. The price of these rocker arms is generally over 50 thousand, which accounts for more than 100 thousand of the starting price of the rocker arm. In general, the price of the domestic rocker arm can be bought from thousands to tens of thousands, and a few thousand pieces can be bought. A little better needs thirty thousand or forty thousand.  Therefore, the budget is a very realistic question, determines the grade of your camera rocker.


2. use the environment. As mentioned earlier, there are many kinds of camera crane, and different environments are suitable for different camera cranes. For large parties and activities, it is suitable for large camera rockers, while ordinary micro films and personal video clips can be satisfied with small rockers. If you want to shoot a movie or a car advertisement, you need to use a car rocker or an electric telescopic rocker. In the shooting of swimming and diving competitions, the fishing rod rocker should be used. Therefore, make clear the use of the environment to choose. Now the most widely used is the large electric control rocker, which can be used in movies, TV shows, advertisements, wedding and other shooting.


3. rocker specifications.


Specifications refer to the arm length of rocker arms. The common specifications are 3 m, 5 m, 8 m, 10 m, 12 m and 15 m. But there are still more, but only in some special shooting. Before buying, we should consider how long the rocker is needed. Generally, 10 meters and 12 meters are the most used specifications, both indoors and outdoors. If you shoot in a small indoor space, a lot of camera cranes can be increased or disassembled, so it is very convenient. Jiam, Andy rocker arms and other brands are segmented design, can be installed in different length range of use.  The longer the rocker arm is, the more expensive the price is. If the user wants to know this point, the difference is generally 10 thousand meters. This is what the user needs to know.


4. brands.


Like the other commodities, the camera rocker has a brand name. Good brand, product quality will naturally have security, because these are the affirmation of the market users. There are many well-known brands in the rocker arm industry. Such as: supertechno, Russian Arm, moviebird, the United States occupy the United States, Hongkong Andy, British Polecam, Germany ABC, Australia KE and so on. Although it is more vulgar to buy a brand, in terms of quality, operation and so on, these camera rockers are much better than the general camera rocker. If the budget is more, personal recommendation or more expensive camera rocker, with 7,8 years will not be a problem, cheap camera rocker with a variety of failures did not take long, the comparison of the mistake.


5. after sale service.


This is a problem that many users will ignore. When you buy it, you must ask what the specific after-sales service is, how long it will be provided, and whether the service is paid. If it is the rocker arm of foreign brands, it is also necessary to know whether it is possible to provide parts in time, and whether faults can be disposed in time. Professional camera crane is not a bad thing, but we should pay attention to these.


The above is my personal summary of some experience, I hope that users who want to buy camera rocker have a help, you can simply refer to it.

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