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Installation and use of camera crane

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Because of the unique long arm advantage of the camera crane, the camera can not be captured by other cameras, so the camera crane technology plays an important role in many occasions. There are several points to note in the installation of camera crane arms:

The small camera crane of the 1.DV level is usually installed on the three foot frame, so the weight of the foot is enough, the screws at all levels should be fixed when the installation is installed.

The safety of the installation of the 2. camera crane arms is the most important. Special attention should be paid to windproof and lightning protection.

The balance of the 3. cameras on the cloud platform. The partial extension of the mounting camera of the camera crane arm can be moved up and down and back and forth. After the camera is installed on the platform, the camera is kept in a state of balance by adjusting the upper and lower parts. If the tune is not good, there will be a phenomenon of the camera head going off.

4. the adjustment of the steel rope of the cloud platform. Through the adjustment of the Yuntai rope, the camera should be kept at any position in the movement. The specific adjustment method is that we first put the horizontal beads on the column to the central position, and then through the building and other reference objects to adjust the tightened cloud platform steel rope to keep the cloud platform parallel to the ground and surface.

5. if you are on the road, pay attention to pedestrians and vehicles.

6. if installed on the top of the building, pay attention to the effect of wind power on the safety of the equipment. The general camera crane lengthening to more than 7 meters is susceptible to wind force.

7. if installed on the cruise ship, we should pay attention to the unsafe factors caused by the swaying of the ship.

8. if installed in the farmland, we should pay attention to the hardness of the foundation. According to the different terrain, we can choose the support of the tripod directly by loading the gun wheel or not carrying the wheel. When the camera crane arm is set up, we should check the level and dynamic balance of each part of the camera crane arm, confirm the installation of the camera and adjust the level and dynamic balance of the camera in time; then drag it to the director's position and lock the camera crane arm so that the installation process will be completed. The use of camera crane arm is very demanding for the cameraman. It requires the shooting of the lens to be stable, uniform and accurate.

Let's sum up some minor experiences accumulated during the filming.

The use of the 1. size camera crane arm is different. The small arm is suitable for use in a small, small space, and it is best not to shoot with a long focal distance so as not to shake the picture too. In addition, the small camera crane is usually controlled by both hands, so the scope of its motion should be in the place where the hand can get it.

2. the movement of the camera crane and the rotation of the platform must be uniform and steady. It is important to do various kinds of speed exercises at ordinary times, especially slow exercises.

3. look for a good prospect. Whether the large camera crane or small camera crane arm has the prospect as a reference, it will have obvious movement. The closer the reference is to the camera, the stronger the motion will be. If the reference object extends to the distance or houses on both sides of the camera, the picture taken from the upper and lower movements of the camera crane arm has a very strong perspective. If the reference is the upward movement of the ramp in front of the camera, the picture will have an upward force.

4. when the MTV is photographed, the camera crane's speed well is not necessarily consistent with the speed of the music, and the motion of a very slow camera crane arm makes the picture more tension.

5. when we shoot a dance scene with a large camera crane, we will photograph a wonderful picture that we can't see at the top of the actor's head. If the camera turns around and the camera crane moves up and down, it will make the surface more tense and dynamic.

The 6. large camera crane plus ultra wide angle lens will make the impact more powerful.

7. generally, the DV class camera crane does not control the function of focusing and adjusting the aperture of the camera, so auto focusing is easy to focus, and manual focusing is easy to lose focus. Therefore, we should flexibly focus on the actual situation of the site.

8. even the more dynamic lens is not the more the use of the camera crane, the more the better, the performance of the characters and other inner activities of the lens I still feel better with a fixed lens.

9. the actual operation is usually operated by a single person, but from a security point of view, two people should operate the camera crane at the same time. One controls the direction and position of the camera and ensures the safety of the camera. The other controls the operation handle to ensure the quality of the picture.

10. there is often a lack of communication between the director and the camera craneman, resulting in a lack of tacit agreement with the camera lens.

11. although the types of TV programs are abundant, the type of camera crane arm used is too single to affect the performance of the lens.

12. due to inadequate staffing and safety measures, unnecessary damage to camera crane equipment is common.

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