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Installation and use of video camera crane

Installation and use of video camera crane

With the continuous development of TV programs, the use of television camera crane in the production of TV programs is more and more. The camera crane technology plays a more and more important role in variety, special and conversation programs. As far as lens language is concerned, the use of the video camera crane increases the motion and diversity of the lens, adding the wide angle lens to the lens to add momentum and depth of space to the audience.

camera cranes are usually classified according to movie application and TV application. Because of the rich types of TV programs, there are more kinds of rockers used in TV. In the previous years, the domestic rocker manufacturers were rare, and the international brand camera crane, such as the German ABC, the JIMMYJIB of the United States and the British POLCCAT fishing rod, was expensive, so the television camera crane arm was used less in the local TV stations. In recent years, with the continuous development of radio and television industry and the continuous improvement of domestic rocker production technology, the TV camera crane has been widely applied at all levels of television stations.

Based on the author's experience and experience of using TV camera crane for many years, this article discusses and introduces the installation and using skills of TV camera crane.

1. The installation and adjustment of the camera crane of TV camera

The size and weight of large television camera crane arm are very large. The installation of camera cranes must be safety oriented.

1. choosing the right place to install should take into account the bearing capacity of roadbed, the distance from other facilities, the shielding of monitors, and the influence of wind.

2. in order to install and disassemble the equipment, we should grasp the principle of "first loading, then dismantling, then loading and then dismantling".

3. level adjustment problem, the camera crane installation process has the triangle pulley, the Yuntai support plate, the electrically controlled Yuntai 3 points level question is very important. In the installation process, we should ensure that the level of each point is adjusted. Only the level of all positions is adjusted to ensure the horizontal balance of the picture in any position during the use of the camera crane. If the level of the triangle roller is not adjusted well, even if the electric control cloud platform is adjusted, when the camera crane rotates in the horizontal direction, the level of the electronic control cloud platform will change, and the desired effect will not be achieved at the end. At this time, I want to adjust the level of the triangle trolley, because of the weight limit of the camera crane, it can hardly be adjusted.

After the installation of the TV camera crane arm, the next task is to adjust the focusing and aperture servo components. The focus and aperture servo components are correctly installed on the lens. Notice that the gears do not contact the lens focusing ring and the diaphragm ring for the time being. Adjust the camera to manual aperture and manually adjust the focusing ring to the infinity. Then the central control box is added to make the gear mesh with the focusing ring and diaphragm ring elastically. By controlling the zoom, focusing, adjusting the aperture, adjusting the speed of the motor, choose a suitable focusing and dimming speed.

Adjust the camera balance in the next work. Connect all cables before adjusting. First, move the front and rear position of the camera pallet until the camera reaches the level. Then rotate the arm to 90 degrees to make it horizontal, when the camera is vertical. Loosen the rotary arm knob, adjust the front and rear position of the rotary arm, so that it can keep horizontal and tighten knob. At this point, no matter where the camera is rotated manually, it can remain horizontal and will not rotate due to gravity.  After adjustment, the horizontal and vertical motors are controlled by the control handle to see if they can work normally.

After the adjustment of the above two steps. Finally, give weight to the entire camera crane. Add an appropriate weight of the barbell plate to keep the arm lever in a horizontal state. It requires that no matter the arm movement to any position, it can remain unchanged after the loosening of the arm. At this point, all balance adjustment of the camera crane has been completed.

Many people feel that the installation and adjustment of the video camera arm is completed at this time. In fact, the most important one is to check the safe operation, and the security check should be focused on the following aspects:

1. safety inspection of the fixed screw for the triangulation roller;

2. the fixing confirmation of the camera crane arm body screw, and the confirmation of the tightness of the cable cable.

3. motor motor motor is loose;

4. all the rotating parts of the cable are confirmed.

Two. The technique of using the video camera crane

1. basic work practice

1.1 fixed target training for single object

From the simple up and down simple decomposition motion to the oblique motion step by step; from the wide angle of the lens to the middle focus to the long coke end step by step; from slow to fast, and then fast to slow step by step. Finally, at least six or more speeds can be repeated to shoot an object, so that the individual's speed sensitivity and composition sensitivity can be exercised.

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