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Installation of camera crane system and common troubleshooting method

Installation of camera crane system and common troubleshooting method

With the rapid development of TV technology. A wide variety of special functions and unique TV special equipment are rapidly approaching every TV worker. Mastering and using them skillfully has become an important means to increase program production means by professional TV workers and improve the level of program production. The camera crane system is one of the large special shooting aids that are widely used in film and television shooting. It is favored by cameramen for its flexible shooting position and angle changes and the unique advantages of motion pictures.

It is a kind of automatic control system with electromechanical integration, and its structure is rather complicated. This article takes Camry camera crane arm system as an example, from the point of view of using technology, introduces our experience in installation, use and other aspects.

1. For the shooting of small rocker, many people have misunderstandings in the following ways:


Do not use the small rocker as a "cannon" more than 30 meters, each use, the artillery is generally used to show large scenes, and the real use of the small rocker is to achieve or enhance the sense of space scheduling, so as to improve the impact, the small rocker can usually be moved, arm, ultra low angle shooting, drilling windows, Complex stunt actions, such as passing through the door and picking up empty pivots, are used to shoot technical pictures.


Many friends mistakenly believe that the small rocker and artillery are operated behind. In fact, the small rocker arm is properly operated.

As a front end operation, it can also be understood as a tripod with curvilinear swaying and lifting functions. It can complete a lot of complex stunts on the front end directly. In fact, it is very good operation. Now DV/HDV itself has a liquid crystal monitor. It is very convenient to operate. The cannon only the TV station people love in the back operation, generally used for relay, in fact, many people in the film are in front of the operation, the purpose is to get the best controllability, complete the complex comprehensive motion lens.


Do not think that the effect of the small rocker filming is not obvious, it is not obvious that there is no good reference, "cannon" shooting without reference effect is also not obvious, just like in the desert with 10 meters of the rocker arm, and then the effect is not coming, that is, there is no reference. The solution is to add some foreground to the lens. You can try it.


Do not blindly pursue the height, the purpose of the rocker is not simply for the height, it is really high to go to the top of the building to shoot, or the purpose of the rocker arm is to create a sense of space, in fact, the film and television crew every day.

The rocker arm used is only 1.2 meters long. This length is very practical. We must bear in mind that the rocker arm is the completion technique.

The operation is not a lift.


When shooting, it is necessary to use the big dynamic lens. If you do not combine the front and rear lens with the big dynamic music rhythm lens, it will look uncomfortable and dizzy. In fact, let's take a look at a lot of blockbusters and first-line advertisements.

There are so many from the lowest point to the highest point, and from the seat high to the lowest lens, the most beautiful lens is to use the head or the medium long focal lens to move slightly, and set some more foreground in the picture. The effect is very atmospheric, and must remember to make the film "atmosphere".


Do not superstitious electronic control platform, electronic control platform is not bad (of course, I refer to the quality of electronic control Yuntai.

Many of them are similar to DIY's electronically controlled cloud platform technology.

When the film is taken, the ordinary manual cloud platform is often installed on the twelve meter cannon. The purpose is to control it. The electric control cloud platform is suitable for a large scene or beyond the scope of the arm work. What should be paid more attention to:

1. the small rocker must be operated by one person. The resultant force of two operators will seriously affect the trajectory of shooting. Cannon shooting exceptions.

2. the best use of high precision rocker arm will provide support for shooting and bad rocker arm.

It will increase the difficulty of controlling the shooting.

3. when shooting, it is necessary to leave some convenience for the later stage, to keep the amplitude and the amplitude.

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