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Maintenance and maintenance of the camera crane of TV camera

Physically speaking, rocker arm control can be divided into mechanical operation part and electronic control part.

The mechanical control part includes castor car, pan tilt, forearm, rear arm, nose boom and so on. Focus on the maintenance of cloud platform and head hanger arm unit.

The adjustment of the JimmyJib large TV camera rocker arm's pan tilt level is made up of four adjustable nuts. Because of the long-term use, the thread of the alloy nut has been worn out, and it can not play a regulating role. Because no product can be purchased, it can only be made by mechanical processing. Here two points: metal materials; threads are non American, british. During the replacement process, we need to add lubricating oil to every part of Yuntai. After changing the nut and adding lubricating oil, the Yuntai unit runs normally.

Because the large rocker is often used alternately indoors and outdoors, the level and pitch of the boom unit are not very flexible, which affects the whole rocker arm's using effect. To remove the mechanical part of the whole boom unit, we should pay attention to the following points: 1., pay attention to the connection of the electric control part. Because the electrical wiring is attached to the boom, when it is disassembled and assembled, if it is not noticed, it will easily cause damage to the electric connection line and cause unnecessary trouble. 2. pay attention to the dismantling of the metal bolts. Because the rocker arm is often used outside, the metal parts have different corrosion. We should pay special attention to the way and method of disassembling bolts, avoid bolt slipping, break and so on, so that the disassembly can not be carried out and affect the maintenance. 3. pay attention to clean and lubricate. Because the rocker arm is often used in the interior and the diplomacy, the lubricating oil in the horizontal and pitching rotating shaft is dry, the shaft is filled with oil mud, and there are various impurities at the shaft mouth, which all affect the rotation of the rotating shaft. Horizontal rotating shaft is plastic flat pad. The pitching shaft is metal ball. Different cleaning agents should be used when cleaning, so as not to affect the cleaning effect. After cleaning, evenly spread the lubricant and restore it in sequence.  4. be careful to adjust the fastening bolts. Clean and maintain the rotating shaft, when installing fastening bolts, it must not be too tight, cause the rotating shaft to rotate difficult, adjust the tightness of the fastening bolt many times, so as not to affect the service life of the electric control motor.

The electronic control part includes: power supply, controller, connecting cable, control handle, actuating device and so on. The principle of electronic control is as follows:

A set of + 12V stable DC power supply is provided by the power supply. Through the controller and cable, the operation intention of the handle handle is transmitted to the actuating device and the control action is completed.

The driving device is 12V dc gear reducer, through the gear rotation, in which the 12V motor is no inertial high-speed and high performance motor, the characteristic is to start fast, high speed, no rotation inertia, that is, turn and stop. The electrical control principle of the head and boom unit is horizontal and pitch.

As seen in the figure above, when the handle is operated (horizontal and pitching), the potential of the X point is deviated from the 0 reference. Through an operational amplifier, the Y point is output or positive or negative voltage, which enables the drive motor D to turn or reverse, so that the head appears horizontal or pitching, until the handle returns to the center position. When the pressure is eliminated, the motor D stops rotating and the head stops at the current position. The output voltage of Y point can be adjusted by internal controller, so that the speed of motor can be controlled, and the speed of horizontal and pitch execution can be adjusted.

In the focusing control principle, position feedback is added.

As shown in the figure above, this is a kind of following control. Static, the X point, the Z point potential is equal, Y point no voltage output, when the hand wheel rotation angle, X, Z point of the potential difference of Y point output a positive or negative voltage, the motor D rotation, while driving Z point potential changes, when Z point potential and X point, Y point output to zero, motor stop, restore to be A new state of rest. In this way, the rotation of the handwheel causes the focus to rotate. This following control enables the rotating hand wheel to rotate like a rotating focus, i.e., turn around, stop and stop.

Push-pull control is relatively simple. It is connected in parallel with push-pull switch and built-in push pull switch of camera, and is controlled by the camera itself.

Knowing the control principle of the rocker arm, when we fail, we can quickly and succinctly judge the location of the trouble and solve the problem. During the installation and commissioning of a rocker arm, there is a malfunction: when the power is added, when the operation is not in operation, the boom of the head is horizontal and pitching at the same time, making 360 degree irregular rotation at the same time.

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