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On the shooting methods and techniques of camera camera

On the shooting methods and techniques of camera camera

The camera crane can be used in film, TV dramas, propaganda films, advertising and so on in film and television production, which can finish the growth distance, high lift, rotating lens and other high dynamic visual effect lenses. A good rocker arm can help us get better lens in shooting. The stability and manipulation of rocker arm often affect the lens effect. Secondly, some shooting skills of rocker arm are one of the key factors affecting the lens effect.



In the work, I often contact and use different sizes and types of camera crane, from the electric telescopic rocker arm, large electric control arm to the small rocker arm, have been used. Our own unit has 2 large rocker arms, one is 12 meters, and the other is the Andy rocker arm of 10 meters. The rocker of the two brands should be used by many people, and the rocker is the domestic TV station. Andy's rocker arm is a brand in Hongkong. It also has a mature application at home and abroad. And the accessories of their two brands can be shared. Many people are too expensive to use beauty accessories. They use Andy's accessories.


There are many digression words in the United States. Let's share some common ways and skills of shooting rocker in shooting.


First, the appropriate translation speed


The time for panning should not be too long or too short. Based on previous experience, a group of ways to take about 10 seconds of translation is taken. The short play looks like a fly, too long to feel careless. The panning group should have a clear start and end, and the drag and drop on the screen and the screen will remain stable for a period of time, generally about three seconds is enough, and such a lens seems to be stable, which is very important. No drop rate will remain unchanged, which will give you the feeling of not ending and incomplete.


Secondly, rocker shooting skill - Zoom translation effect will be better.


Some people think that when left and right translation, they should be transferred to the location of the most wide-angle zoom lens (W) for shooting. In fact, a lot of times, the lens is a little bit closer, and even with the lens to shoot close-up shots, it is more interesting and richer to make the scene better.


An arc moving object passes through a circle or circular arc instead of a straight line.  The "arc photo" is basically the same as the side walking, walking, walking, but the route is different. The curvature of the arc should not be too large or too small. It should be controlled at 120 degrees -180 degrees. In the whole clip, the main goal should be to remain in the center of the screen. With this "arc" way around a fixed scene - such as a fountain, a statue, or even a bunch of flowers - more vivid and interesting than standing in the original photograph, you can still be a good scene to reflect depth and layer.


Shooting some special lenses, "translation" technology, better visual effects lens.


Third, the shooting technique of the rocker arm moves upwards and downwards


This recording method can be used for shooting moving targets. If a player dives, from an athlete standing on a high platform, a jumper, a zoom, and a strong point, jump into the water and the athlete's falling down from the beginning of the lens. Such a scene is best done with close-up shots, if the appropriate camera movement, just a few seconds, a single shot, a strong visual impact. However, such a shooting rate is very difficult, the key is that the speed is not good enough to master the composition of the pot, which is difficult to move. Shooting must be done several times, unless you are a "veteran", generally do not use too close to the lens of the shooting.


The arrow translation method is also often used to display some incomplete images of the whole scene that are impossible to perform high performance, or to display a tall and magnificent landscape. The building is a high vertical translation upward and downward optimal target. Standing in front of a high building with a positive base and flat layer in a positive attitude, then slowly moving the lens up and down, until the top of the tall building, the small whole floor, takes a line of line of sight, making the tower more magnificent.


Four, the technique of the rocker shooting - Translation


The landscape arcs rocked the camera, moving around a good ball or wide panorama around the target.


The left, right translation method is: first, the direction of the body to move to the end, steady camera, finally point to the pot, then turn the body to start to move the direction, and start shooting. The body slowly and evenly terminates the rotation direction and translates until the whole process. Hand-held translations usually do not need to rotate 90 degrees, or more than 90 degrees. The key is to master the speed of translation and keep the moving speed of the target in order to keep up with the moving target moving up and down.


For example, we borrowed a car from left to right. First, we have a planned route and the starting point and the foot of the car, holding your body toward the end of the camera bracket, the starting point of the upper body, waiting for the target, the target once the image is taken, as the car moves to the right side of the uniform rotation of the upper body. Always aim the lens to the vehicle until the finish, and the middle can not stop translation. The attention of translational combined equilibrium target space is greater than that of excess space. To end the shooting, you can stop the sloshing tracking

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