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Problems needing attention in the camera crane

The application level of rocker camera in the program depends largely on the communication between camera and director. Before the program is recorded, the rocker camera personnel must communicate fully with the director on the program recording process and be familiar with the content of the recording program in advance. In the design of the program recording, the rocker arm lens is needed to make the rocker camera technology play the best role. For the large TV programs or live programs recorded in the studio, it is also necessary to rehearse the use of all the shots as far as possible during the rehearsal process.

The application of 1. rocker camera technology in concert programs.

At present, two rocker cameras are often used in the general concert, one is placed in front of the platform, mainly used for singers on the stage, and the other mainly takes the scene of the audience to respond to the lens. In order to make the best shots of the singers on the platform to the greatest extent, the position of the rocker arm equipment should be as close to the platform as possible and put on the two sides of the main platform as much as possible; and the rocker arm can break through the limitations of the camera in this case, and can capture the wonderful moments of the present performance staff in a full range.

In the actual shooting, the rocker camera personnel should also use the scene as far as possible, such as scene layout, lamp frame, etc. to cover the impact of the huge rocker equipment on the other camera lens, and try not to affect the audience's sight.

The application of 2. rocker camera technology in sports programs

On the market, there are rocker arms for various types of sports, such as the ABC large rocker in Germany designed for the football game, and the British Polecam is mainly used for small skill sports programs.

When shooting sports programs, the rocker camera technology can capture the dynamic scenes of athletes during the competition, so that the audience can feel the intense atmosphere of the competition. The new British Polecam rocker can break through the original camera position, and can make close shooting athletes to highlight the movement characteristics. In addition, because different movements have different sports characteristics, the rocker camera personnel should be familiar with the characteristics of various movements so that the characteristics of different movements can be vividly displayed in front of the audience.

There are different positions for different sports events. In football, for example, the rocker camera that is used in a football match should be placed at the 45 degree angle behind the ball. This is because the position in the football field is limited. The ball game stipulates that many places can not be placed. The rocker arm can only be placed behind the goal to capture the picture, which shows the motion lens in front of the audience. The lens taken from the back of the goal. For basketball and volleyball and other sports space smaller projects, you can use Polecam small rocker to capture the style of athletes.

The application of the 3. rocker technology in the conversation program

Compared with other types of TV programs, talk shows are relatively simple. In the talk shows, mainly based on the cutting of the fixed position. The camera lens of the rocker arm is mainly used for shooting the panoramic motion, increasing the sense of scene and the visibility. In the talk show rocker device placed in the proscenium and a 45 degree angle position.

In view of the slow pace of talk shows, the rocker camera lens is not suitable for large-scale exercise.

The application of 4. rocker camera technology in documentary, image film and TV play.

Rocker camera technology is often used to introduce enterprise data sheets, such as the scale of enterprises and products of enterprises. Such themes can give full play to the advantages of rocker arms. For example, when a continuous lens is required to show the large panorama of the workshop, the assembly line in the workshop, the work content of the workers and the spirit of the workers, the camera technology of the rocker arm is required. First from the low angle to the worker's facial expression, then the lens shakes from the face to the working hand, then uses the deep perspective principle to swing the arm (toward the left or the right) to achieve the picture of the two people's work, the picture of the three work... A row of workers working picture, and then gradually raise the rocker arm, the picture is gradually transformed from a pipeline to two pipelines, until the panoramic view of the whole workshop.

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