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"Rocking technology" -- use of the camera crane

It seems that people are becoming more and more interested in the rocker now! Think about 4, 5 years ago, this is a device you don't want to think about! But it feels a little misleading for everyone to use the rocker arm. Please forgive me for your personal views! I have used rocker for 4 or 5 years. I have heard a lot about the use of rocker arms from the evening party, fashion show, large-scale events, special topics, MV, city propaganda films, including film and television dramas. The longer the better the rocker arm is, the subject matter. Let's take the Jim triangle gun. We can use the 10 meters for the topic, because it is the same as the absolute height of 12 meters, which is due to the proportion of the front and back arms. 12 meters, we mainly shoot the party, the concert and so on, it can extend to the stage or the auditorium, in the middle, a scene can bring the relationship between the stage and the auditorium, and the atmosphere is more. And special topics, publicity films, MV including film and television, unless the special situation or 8 meters and 10 meters of the length is enough. The length of the 18 meter and 20 meter length from the rise to the maximum is really too long, and the average of more than 10 seconds is a long time. If I don't shake to the top, it doesn't have to be so long. After all, the longer it is, the harder it is. Even if you have a balance, if you want to stop at the point you want, the huge inertia is really hard, and it's usually hard to stop. I have never had any malice about the production of the 20 meter rocker manufacturer. But the wedding are more seats, falling instability problem, feature film and television drama is not the same, most of the time we are and cooperate with each other, to help in the fall picture photo to help fix, especially the little scene. The other brand of the rocker is also a sense of their use. Generally speaking, foreign brands are still worth pursuing and learning by these manufacturers. The rocker sense of control and indeed for us, there is a big gap between imported Camry rocker (such as individual, the list of so-called line I tried in the outstanding news, can also feel the majority of domestic manufacturers of rocker) the truth manipulation is too poor, do not underestimate this control, is very important in the actual shooting in. It determines whether your composition is accurate and the picture is fluent, which is the key to the rocker shooting.

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