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Talk about the experience of the use of the small camera crane

Talk about the experience of the use of the small camera crane

The feeling of camera crane has always been the heavy equipment that many people need to operate. But the appearance of the small rocker has upset people's opinions on rocker arms. The small camera crane is small in size and light in weight, and convenient for transportation and carrying. In particular, some small rocker arm made of carbon fiber can be easily carried by one person after shrinking and folding, like three feet. Compared with the large camera crane with hundreds of kilograms, the emergence of small rocker provides more convenience for shooting.

In short, the small camera crane is larger than the large rocker, and its arm length is not more than 3 meters. It has no electric control system, small size and light weight. Therefore, mobile flexibility is particularly good. In many films and videos, a small camera crane is indispensable. The small camera crane is limited in length, but the real use of the small camera crane is to realize or enhance the sense of space dispatch of the picture to improve the impact force. The small camera crane can usually move, swing the arm, shoot the ultra low angle, drill the windows, pass the door, pick up the pivot and so on. It is used to shoot the technical pictures.

From film, TV program to micro film, video short film and so on, you can often see the shadow of the small arm. The small arm is usually installed on the three foot frame of the camera, and it can also be used on a photographic track car. With the advantage of small size, it can also be used in some special occasions. For example: the hospital's operation record shooting, company meeting minutes and so on. Due to the limitation of the space environment, the large rocker can not be erected at the time of shooting, and the small rocker can easily complete the shooting.

When you use a small camera crane, you can't use it as a lifting tool because the arm length is limited. Therefore, in shooting, we try to make use of the advantage of small camera crane, and use the "spatial sense of scheduling" to photograph the corresponding lens. In MV, TV feature films, documentaries, advertising, surgery and conference records, etc. It is also the necessary equipment for photographers, small movie studios, wedding and other related industries.

The problems that should be paid attention to in practical small rocker:

1, the small camera crane must be operated by one person. The resultant force of two people will seriously affect the trajectory of shooting. Large camera rocker shooting exceptions.

2, the correct operation of the small camera crane is operated on the front end, and it can also be understood as a tripod with curve swaying and lifting functions, and the direct control of the cloud platform on the front end can complete a lot of complicated stunts.

3, try to use the high precision camera crane, which will provide support for shooting. Bad rocker will increase the difficulty of shooting.

4, when shooting, it is necessary to leave some convenience for the later stage.

In addition, we also said that the choice of buying a small arm of a few things, the current market camera crane types and brands are much more, in the purchase of their own equipment and environment to choose. There are both small single arm SLR, professional rocker and small camera crane. Of course, prices are also very different, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands, according to their own budget can be selected.

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