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Technique of using large manned camera crane

1, first of all, we should introduce what is the rocker arm: the rocker arm is a large equipment used in the film, film, advertising and other large film and television works, which can be taken in all directions when shooting, and do not miss any corner.

Technique of using rocker arm

2, the coordination between arm motion and camera lens pointing is the premise of using rocker arm well, especially when moving around the target body.


3, positioning: before rehearsing, we must seriously study programs, such as how to play, how to stand, how to move on the stage, the number of people who dance. On the basis of the "eat well" program, it designs the motion track of the camera so that it can meet the needs of the program to the maximum, give full play to the advantages of the rocker arm, and make the program produce the greatest artistic appeal.


4, mobile shooting: first, the closer the reference object is the closer the better, the closer the reference, the more dynamic; secondly, the reference can also be used as the foreground of the picture.


5. Control:

When a person controls, he has to control the movement of the arm arm of the rocker arm, and also control the direction of the camera lens. If it is to shoot large scenes, then use a wide angle mirror, the movement speed is relatively slow, and one person is still able to control.

Two people manipulate a problem with each other

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