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The function and function of the large camera crane

The function and function of the large camera crane

In film, TV drama and other film and television production, we often listen to the "big camera crane". For the industry, it is a kind of equipment that will often come into contact in the work, but for the outsider, it may be more strange to this kind of equipment. Even if you can see it in a TV program, you don't know what it is called. Here is a simple way to popularize some basic knowledge of the big camera crane, so that we can have a new understanding of this equipment.


The big rocker terminology can be the camera camera crane or the camera camera crane, the industry people also become "cannon", it is the same as the three foot frame, cloud platform, such as the auxiliary equipment is a camera carrier equipment. The history of the big rocker can be traced back to the early film field of foreign countries, and the time in China was not very long. It appeared in the television program in the 80s of last century. Since then, it has appeared in various fields of film and television production. So far, it has become one of the most indispensable auxiliary tools for film and television production.





The composition of the large camera crane


The large camera crane is composed of boom, pan tilt, electric control system, control handle, mobile car, counterweight, balance steel rope and heavy three foot tripod. (as shown in Figure 1)


The role of the large camera crane


The large rocker is a camera aid used in video shooting. It can help cameraman get many unique lenses. For example: high-altitude panoramic lens, moving tracking lens, long lens and so on. With the advantage of height and arm length, it is possible to shoot large fixed positions without getting some lens pictures.


Long arm length specification of large camera crane


In addition to flexible lens control, the advantage of large camera crane is the advantage of arm length. In general, the arm length of the big rocker has a length of 3 meters to more than 20 meters, and the professional arm length of the large camera crane can be increased or reduced according to the demand, and it can meet the needs of shooting flexibly.


Attention to the use of large camera cranes


The large camera crane is a kind of precision motor equipment composed of various components, and its volume and weight are relatively large. Therefore, in the installation, use and other links need special as long as the installation, use process to use safely as a prerequisite. Installation and use need to be completed by professionals to ensure safe and stable use.


Working principle of large camera crane


The large camera crane is controlled by the electronic control system. In addition to flexibly and rocking to the heavy-duty three foot frame, it can control the rotation of the cloud platform and the focus and zoom of the camera lens by controlling the handle to achieve the shooting of different lens effects. In simple terms, the big rocker is a precise motor equipment. Through the motor driving the cloud platform, the lens is controlled by the servo system and the various pictures are taken in combination with the shaking of the arm arm of the camera crane.


The big camera crane has been used in all kinds of film and television production and shooting, and in many lens effect shooting are inseparable from this equipment. From movies, TV plays, advertisements, promotional films, wedding shooting and so on can almost see the shadow of the big arm. The large camera crane is not only a tool in film and television production, but also needs enough experience and skill to play its role in order to make a better shot.

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