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The small camera crane of the photographic equipment has a great effect

camera crane is a kind of camera equipment which is very common in movies and TV plays. For example, large scenes and large space shots are indispensable tools. And the small arm is also a camera crane arm, it's short arm, small volume and large camera crane arm is just the opposite, some people will doubt the small arm is so small, can play in film and television play a role? This is a question that many people will have. But in many films and movies, many of them are operated by small camera crane arm and camera track.


Although the small camera crane arm is long and short, the design of the small camera crane arm is very convenient and practical. Because of the small size in the shooting, we can be very convenient and flexible to carry, small volume in some big camera crane can not be photographed in the small arm of the camera crane can be easily competent, so we do not look at the arm length of the camera crane arm, small size, it ignores its important role in film and television shooting, it is also the film production shooting rate. One of the highest camera equipment.



The experienced cameraman knows that the small camera crane can not be used simply as a high support point or a lifting device, so that it does not play its role. The function of the small camera crane is to provide a zero gravity free working platform for the camera in a simple and practical way to realize the point to point displacement in the space. Generally speaking, the role of the small camera crane is to create a sense of space picture, whether it is lifting and lifting, arm shooting, ultra low angle shooting, axle fulcrum is provided by the small arm can play the role and function.


Small, flexible arms are very suitable for creative photography in a limited space, such as office environment, indoor shooting, sports competition, and so on. In particular, the flexibility of this feature, the small camera crane arm can be installed on the three foot for shooting, can also stand on the camera mobile car, so the shot picture is also very diverse. Even some small camera crane arms can also be hung on the cameraman, such as the rod arm, often seen in sports and outdoor programs, which can be taken not only on the base of the three foot, but also on the cameraman, which can be photographed with a flexible moving lens and can be taken. A lens that is unavailable to the large camera crane arm. With the waterproof device, the small camera crane can also get underwater lens, which is very practical.


Although the small camera crane can not be like a large rocking arm like a majestic lens, but as long as the reasonable use of the small arm, can also take a lot of wonderful lens pictures. Using its own advantages and disadvantages, it can match the video track with a large visual sense.

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