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The technique of using the camera crane

We often see the shadow of the camera crane in the video propaganda film. The rocker arm is gradually becoming the common equipment for the video propaganda film. It is also the auxiliary film and television equipment in the video propaganda film. It can complete the long distance, the high elevation, the lens rotation and so on. It is more widely used.

The advantage of the rocker in video shoot is flexibility and mobility, which can make full use of the principle of depth and perspective to achieve large scene performance. Motion photography has many advantages over ordinary methods. For example, on the stage of a party, a rocker arm moves one side of the lens and moves one side up continuously until the picture is expanded to the panorama, which not only takes the content of the show on the stage, but also shows the sense of mass and formation of the whole scene, the ground background and the distance from the space, and also gives the audience a visual new kind. Fresh feeling.

The role of the rocker arm in the video is the long advantage of the arm of the rocker arm. It is more easy to shoot the lens which is difficult to capture under the ordinary camera mode. It plays an important role in the fields of news report, program interview, live broadcast, theatrical performance, film and television production, video publicity film and so on. The rocker arm enriches the lens language of the film and television program, increases the motion of the lens, adds the magnificent momentum and the depth of space to the lens, and makes the audience feel more comfortable.

The use of the rocker arm in a video film: the safety of installation and shooting, the level of the ground, and the impact of the wind on the equipment, due to the large volume and weight of the rocker arm. The use of the rocker arm requires a high level of camera personnel. It requires the cameraman to have a good experience in shooting and use. It also needs to communicate fully with the director and be familiar with the content and key of the camera.

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