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What's the head of Holland on the camera rocker arm? Detailed explanation of the head of Holland

What's the head of Holland on the camera rocker arm? Detailed explanation of the head of Holland

Holland head is one of the important parts of the camera crane, which is used to install camera equipment (single counter, camera, video camera), and can also operate the head rotation of Holland through the control system, so that the camera can be photographed to the unique angle of the lens. (Note: the Holland head here does not refer to the three tripod Holland head, but an important part of the camera crane).


Holland head is the component that installs camera equipment on the front end of the rocker arm arm. According to the different types of camera crane, there are differences in the head of the video rocker arm in Holland. Generally speaking, the large rocker arm used in Holland is controlled by the electronic control system. When using the camera, the camera is fixed on the bracket; while the small rocker's Holland head is similar to the ball bowl of the three foot frame, it is necessary to install the camera with the camera Holland head and the camera equipment in the use.


The large camera crane's Holland head is also different in shape, the most common two are the bow Holland head and the U - shaped Holland head (Figure 1, figure 2, figure 3), which are the largest 2 rocker arm Holland heads of the large camera crane.


In addition, the camera crane Holland head in the rotation angle is also different, the common common camera crane of Holland can rotate 900 degrees, and also have unlimited rotation of the design of the Holland head. In some special shooting, the complex three axis damping Holland head will be used. In the vehicle shooting, the camera rocker Holland head will be used. Even in high motion shooting, the camera lens can be stabilized without any jitter.


The stability and maneuverability of the camera rocker Holland head are 2 key factors that affect the use of the camera. Special attention should be paid to the selection. In addition, after the camera is installed on the Holland head panel, it is necessary to tighten the fixed screws under the plate to avoid accidental fall of the camera when used.

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